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RareWaters Easter Egg Hunt 2024

RareWaters Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Golden Eggs, Golden Prizes

RareWaters is pleased to present our RareWaters Easter Egg Hunt 2024!  Taking a page out of the Willy Wonka playbook, we’ve selected 10 Possible RareWaters Properties that are fishing great right now and we’ve randomly hidden 5 Golden Easter Eggs for your hunting pleasure. Inside each of the eggs is a card with the prize you’ve won and instructions on how to redeem. We’ve partnered with some epic brands and selected prizes that we ourselves would be stoked to win: Ross Reels, Fishpond, Yakoda Supply, Rumpl, and Airflo.

The five Golden Eggs have been placed as of today! These won’t be difficult to find – all are within 20 yards of the parking location at each property – so think Pre-School-Easter-Egg-Hunt-level difficulty to find them. 

The competition will last until all five eggs have been found. 

*To redeem your prize, you will have to have a confirmed booking on the property where you found the egg. 

Easter Egg Hunt Prizes

Happy Hunting!

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