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Introducing the Salida Slam

Introducing the Salida Slam

The Salida Slam

RareWaters is pleased to announce the Salida Slam!  We’ve selected four of our properties within a half hour drive of Salida, Colorado that promise to provide breathtaking scenery, epic fishing, and convenient proximity to one another. And, for any angler that completes The Slam by fishing all four properties, they will receive a free day of fishing on any property in the RareWaters program.

The Salida Slam involves fishing the following RareWaters properties in close proximity to Salida, Colorado (listed here upstream to downstream): Banana Belt Ranch, Arkansas Headwaters Getaway, Scenic Salida Ranch, and Arkansas River Canyon. Each of these properties offers unique challenges and rewards for anglers.

1. Banana Belt Ranch

The Banana Belt Ranch is a beautiful property that offers some of the best fishing in the area, a 1 miles stretch of the Arkansas River. It’s known for its large brown and rainbow trout, as well as its beautiful scenery. This valley comes alive during the summer and is a lot of fun for the family. Anglers can expect to net plenty of wild brown and rainbow trout during their visit. As you can see from the photos, the scenery isn’t bad either : )

2. Arkansas Headwaters Getaway

The Arkansas Headwaters Getaway is a beautiful property that includes approximately 3/4 mile of gold medal water on the world-famous Arkansas River. You can expect to catch 12-16″ brown and rainbow trout. We love this property for the dry fly fishing season during the summer and early fall. Camping is permitted on this property so make a long weekend out of it. You won’t be disappointed! River access could not be any easier for younger anglers and people with mobility issues.

3. Scenic Salida Ranch

Scenic Salida Ranch is a historic cattle ranch that was founded in 1868. It has been in the family for 7 generations and still runs an active cattle operation. Enjoy just over one mile of the Little Arkansas River which has had river restoration work completed over the past several years. The average brown trout will be around 12″ but a few big fish in the 14-18″ range linger in the deeper holes. Please do not try and pet the calves. Their mothers are very protective. River access is easy for people of all ages.

4. Arkansas River Canyon

Finally, the Arkansas River Canyon property. This ranch is special. The landowner has invested nearly $1,000,000 into restoring the river for prime trout habitat. Just a few minutes away from downtown Salida, anglers can expect to catch 14-18″ wild brown, rainbow, and cutbow trout. The property provides anglers with one mile of fishing on a gold medal stretch of the Arkansas River. Accessing the river can be tough in spots, but there are easy spots for younger anglers and people with mobility issues. If you’re willing to put in a little extra work, you’ll find some of the best runs and pools the Arkansas River has to offer.

Fish Four, Get A Fifth For Free

So that’s the Salida Slam. Fish all four of them and get a day for free on any property in our portfolio.  Check out the properties, plan your trip, book your dates, and complete the Salida Slam!

The Salida Slam must be completed by October 31, 2023 to be eligible for your day of free fishing.

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