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Winter Fly Fishing with RareWaters

Winter Fly Fishing with RareWaters

Extending Your Fishing Season

Winter presents a unique and rewarding opportunity for fly fishing enthusiasts. With the chill in the air and the tranquility of the waters, it’s a time when both the challenges and joys of this sport are amplified. This season, RareWaters is excited to help you extend your fishing season, turning those frosty days into memorable fishing experiences.

Starting November 1st, we’re reducing our rod fees by a generous 25-30%. These reduced rates make it even more appealing for you to brave the cold and enjoy the exciting challenge of winter fly fishing. But we know that winter fishing requires a distinct approach — one where you’re not just grappling with the fish, but also with the elements. And that’s where our expert team members, Andy Dunn and Ben Gruner, come in.

Layering for Winter Fly Fishing

Over the next few weeks, Andy and Ben will be sharing indispensable tips and strategies tailored for winter fly fishing. They will guide you on how to layer your clothing optimally, ensuring you stay warm without hampering your mobility. They will advise on the best gear to use during winter, helping you make selections that can withstand the cold and still deliver a great fishing experience.

Flies for Winter Fly Fishing

We know that selecting the right flies is a critical component of successful winter fly fishing so Andy and Ben will chime in on this topic as well. The clear, slow-moving winter waters and the reduced insect life require a strategic selection of flies. They will be sharing their personal selections that have led to great success during the winter months. Midges, in their various life stages, are primary sources of sustenance for trout during winter, making midge patterns like the Zebra Midge an excellent choice. Additionally, small nymphs, such as the Pheasant Tail Nymph, can be beneficial due to their ability to mimic a wide range of small aquatic insects. Lastly, the Egg Pattern fly can be effective given that winter is spawning season for several species of trout. With these flies in your winter arsenal, you are sure to coax even the most stubborn cold-weather trout to bite.

Approaching a River in Winter

Winter fly fishing isn’t just about the right flies, gear, and clothing; it’s also about understanding the fish and their winter behaviors. Andy and Ben will provide strategies on how to approach a particular river during the colder months and where are the best locations to sling your flies. Navigating the icy waters requires a good understanding of how fish adapt to lower temperatures, and our experts will equip you with that knowledge.

Three Ideal Places to Fish

If you’re already geared up and looking for a winter adventure check out these three ideal locations from RareWaters to cast your line during the colder months.

Arkansas Headwaters Getaway: Nestled in the heart of Colorado, the Arkansas Headwaters area is a winter fly fishing paradise. Its diverse ecosystem provides an ideal habitat for various species, ensuring that there’s always something biting, regardless of the season. This location is particularly known for its abundant trout population during the winter months. Plus, the stunning scenery of snow-capped mountains and the tranquil Arkansas River form the perfect backdrop for a day of fly fishing. After a day full of angling adventures, relax and rejuvenate in the cozy campout setting. Remember to pack your warm gear, and don’t forget to include the Zebra Midge, Pheasant Tail Nymph, and Egg Pattern fly in your fishing tackle.

Colorado Cliffs: Known for its towering cliffs and pristine waters, this location presents an unparalleled winter fly fishing experience. Its unique topography and the diverse range of aquatic insects make it a haven for trout, particularly during the colder months. The icy waters of the Colorado Cliffs are not only incredibly scenic but are also less populated in winter, offering a peaceful yet exciting fishing excursion.

Studebaker Bend Colorado River: Studebaker Bend on the Colorado River is another prime location for winter fly fishing. Renowned for its stunning landscape and clear waters, it is a favorite spot amongst many avid anglers. This stretch of river offers an excellent habitat for trout, ensuring a fruitful fishing experience even during the coldest months. The remote location of Studebaker Bend also affords a tranquil and serene atmosphere, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the thrill of winter fly fishing.

Remember, winter fly fishing requires a different approach, and these locations, with their unique characteristics, provide excellent opportunities to put your skills to the test.

Making the Most of Winter

Wrapping up in layers and heading out into the cold might be daunting, but winter fly fishing offers a unique charm and thrill. The peace and stillness of the surroundings, the sight of your line slicing through the frosty air, and the thrill of wrestling with a fish against a snowy backdrop – these experiences are unmatched.

At RareWaters, our aim is to help you not just “do” winter fly fishing, but to love it. With our reduced rod fees and expert tips coming your way, you’re all set to extend your fishing season into winter. So, gear up, step out, and experience the challenges and joys of winter fly fishing. Because there’s more to winter than warm fires and hot cocoa – there’s a whole river out there waiting to be fished!

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