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Layering Advice for Winter Fly Fishing

Layering Advice for Winter Fly Fishing

Dealing with Ice during Winter Fly Fishing

We’ve got ice! Which is great in a cooler full of beverages on a hot summer day but, when it is in the river around our feet and we’re trying to fly fish, it presents a new set of challenges. It means that winter is upon us so I wanted to share a few tips to keep you a little bit toasty your throughout your extended season and help you find a little bit more success as you’re fishing in the cold. I also have one of my favorite winter fishing hacks added at the end of this article as a little bonus!

Keeping Glare Down and Your Head Warm

First and foremost, make sure you got a good pair of sunglasses and a good hat with a brim to keep that glare down. Find yourself a good wool hat that you can either roll up to keep you comfortable when you’re moving or pull over your years once the wind starts to rip. Its a simple way to regulate your head temperature. The natural properties of wool allow it to retain heat effectively, thereby keeping the head warm despite freezing temperatures. And wool can absorb a significant amount of moisture without feeling wet, ensuring that any sweat or external precipitation doesn’t lead to discomfort or a drop in body temperature.

Layering with Wool is Essential

Working down the body, a good lightweight Marino base layer is going to help tremendously. Something that is going to help regulate their body temperature whether you’re on the move or you’re standing knee-deep in that cold water. Merino’s exceptional thermal properties keep your body warm even in the coldest rivers, allowing for extended periods of fishing. Additionally, Merino wool’s inherent breathability and moisture-wicking ability help to maintain an optimal body temperature, reducing the risk of overheating or experiencing discomfort from dampness during active fishing movements.

Fishing on the Diamond Arrow property during winter months can yield fantastic results. The property’s unique topography and water dynamics create an ideal environment for fish even in the coldest conditions. Nestled in a valley, Diamond Arrow benefits from reduced wind exposure, which allows for a more comfortable fishing experience. The water in the property’s river system remains relatively calm and navigable, never fully freezing, due to its steady flow rate and depth. This makes it an inviting habitat for a variety of fish species that stay active even when temperatures drop. Notably, the winter months see fewer fishing enthusiasts, giving you a serene, unspoiled environment and increasing your chances of a successful catch. With the right gear and preparation, Diamond Arrow offers a rewarding winter fishing experience.

Avoiding Frostbite and Discomfort

Let’s talk about feet. It’s essential to make sure your toes are nice and warm. I like a good pair of wool socks. Wool provides exceptional insulation, trapping body heat and preventing the loss of essential warmth, thereby keeping your toes warm even in chilly water temperatures. Similar to the hat and baselayer, wool’s excellent moisture-wicking ability ensures that your feet remain dry and comfortable, significantly reducing the risk of frostbite or discomfort, and allowing for prolonged periods of activity when fishing one of our epic winter properties.


Bonus Winter Fishing Hack

Now for my favorite winter fishing hack. Winter fishing presents a unique challenge when it comes to keeping your line moving smoothly through the eyelets of your rod. I like to keep a little bit of chapstick in my pack for just this reason. By applying a little bit to each of your eyelets, it will ensure that water is moving through them and not freezing. It doesn’t have to be chapstick – anything that you have that provides a little bit of grease here and keep that line moving through is fine – but’ve I’ve found that a little tube of chapstick is highly convenient and packable.

Now You're Prepped, Time to Fish

As you embark on your winter fishing adventure on a property like Scenic Salida Ranch, remember to harness the power of layering. Start with your merino wool base layer as it will insulate you against the biting cold, and its breathability will ensure comfort throughout the day. Don’t forget the wool socks to keep your toes warm and cozy. For a seamless fishing experience, be sure to pack a tube of chapstick. When the winter chill threatens to freeze the water in your rod’s eyelets, a light application of chapstick will keep the line moving smoothly, ensuring your focus remains on the enjoyment of the fishing, rather than battling with the elements.

Now that your body is layered up and your rod is greased down, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of our winter pricing reduction. You have the opportunity to fish many our properties in Colorado and Wyoming throughout the winter from 25 to up to 30% off. So check out and book your trip today!

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